The Meadow - Group picture of the indie rock band

The Meadow

Warm indie-rock and melancholic ‘folky’ songs, The Meadow combines both crafts in their repertoire.


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The Line
Easy Flow - Live
Friendly Reminder
Strawberry Love
Don't Stop
Act of Weakness
Green Cadillac


Timo Snieder – Vocals

Joran Peeks – Guitar

Ruben Jonkers – Drums

Mitzy van der Weele – Bass



Phone: 0683112030


Warm indie-rock and melancholic ‘folky’ songs, The Meadow combines both crafts in their repertoire.

The Dutch indie band was founded at the end of 2021 following a Facebook call to form a new band. It didn’t took long before four musicians first met in the rehearsal room and started working together on their own music. Four strangers turned into four friends. Their passion for writing music and the ambition to become successful with it bound the group together.

In February 2023, the band recorded their first single ‘Green Cadillac’ live in their rehearsal room. This and all other songs were recorded, mixed and released by the band themselves. Later that year their single ‘The Line’ was released which was well received and led to several radio interviews and inclusion in the Indie Chart Top 40. Thanks to the song, The Meadow became ‘#1 Top Artist of the Week’ on Pinguin Radio.

In the fall of 2023, The Meadow will have a small tour with performances in De Vorstin, Volta, Rock Cafe Sneek and other venues.

The sound of The Meadow can be compared to the British Alternative sound of the 2000s. Think of the former Coldplay, Editors and The Kooks. You can also hear many influences from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the songs of the band. No wonder that the Peppers have a major influence on the four band members.




01.04.23 – Kroeg van Klaas, Groningen

22.09.23 – Theater Orpheus, Apeldoorn

12.10.23 – Besloten feest

19.10.23 – Volta, Amsterdam

22.10.23 – RTV Drenthe, Assen

03.11.23 – Rock Café, Sneek

24.11.23 – De Drie Gezusters, Groningen