Timo Snieder and Joran Peeks

The Meadow played at the Pinguin Radio Showcase during ESNS

On Wednesday 17th of January, The Meadow played in a crowded café at the Pinguin Radio Showcase during ESNS.

The band entered the stage at 20:30 right after Graaflandgraaf played their last notes. The set lasted 30 minutes and was filled with the band’s most popular and energetic songs. The attendance was massive as the venue was full of people enjoying that night’s music. The Meadow opened their set with ‘Green Cadillac’ and was followed by one of their new songs, ‘ MK’, which gained many great reactions. Two other new up-tempo rock songs were played, ‘Dead on Arrival’ and ‘Love Me Like You Used To’.

After the show, it was the turn for the band ‘Moonloops’.

Thanks to everyone attending the show and we love to see you next time!

The Meadow during ESNS. Timo Snieder, Joran Peeks, Ruben Jonkers and Mitzy van der Weele